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The history: a family of artists

Pensione La Perla nel 1954 La Perla, 1954 Albergo La Perla nel 1965 La Perla, 1965

After the restoration of an old villa back in 1953,  ‘Pensione La Perla’ was opened with 9 rooms on one floor.
Our family’s ventures into the hospitality sector began in the mid 60s when nonna Giuditta and nonno Ettore took on the management of Hotel La Perla (which with development had gained another floor since the days of the old ‘pensione’).

She was the true manager keeping the books and running the hotel as if it were a huge house. He, already retired, dedicated himself to his true passion - painting. Over time the walls of the hotel became adorned with his numerous naturalistic style paintings.

The running of the hotel was then passed down to daughter Caterina and history seems to have repeated itself. Nazzereno, husband of Caterina, is a teacher passionate about painting and soon enough they were able to find space on the walls for his paintings as well. La Perla oggi Hotel La Perla today Interni la Perla The photo gallery
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Now it’s my turn, Daniele son of Caterina and Nazzereno, to run this hotel.
The family passion has become ‘digital’ and the artworks have become photographs. A small selection can be found in the corridors of the hotel. Let me know if you like them!

The desire to create something new and modern, coupled with traditional romagnola hospitality has always been the philosophy behind our family-run business. To add to the mix we have started the Art Hotel project where all different forms of art can be displayed and appreciated in order to offer our guests a truly unique experience.