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For the lovers of the country-side Bellaria Igea Marina offers interesting walks alongside gardens, orchards, ancient farm hauses, small fishing lakes. Inside the ancient part of the town there is a tower "La Torre Saracena", built in 1600 to defend the State of The Church against the turk Pirates. The tower is nowadays a museum run by the institute for zoology of the Bologna's University. It contains a vast range of shells and other marine creatures like madrepores, echinoderms, big crustaceans, tutle-carapaces, nautiluses of the Indian Ocean, newts, pearl-oysters, and the rares small-ships used by the argonaut to incubate its eggs.

The itineraries in the country-side include the historical State of San Marino, the smallest repubblic in the world, the beautiful San Leo's castle and many other citadels and castles built around Rimini during the Middle Ages and which are now museums of their own history.